The Rainbow for Japan Kids project was started in 2011 and is welcoming its 3rd year in operation. The program has already been held 8 times and has invited over 150 children from the disaster-stricken areas of Tohoku to Hawaii.

Focusing on the prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, everyone in the areas that were devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake is still forced to live restricted lives. We hear that there are still many people who live in temporary housing and that they continue to live in uncertainty. The children living in those kinds of places are in an environment in which they are likely unable to dream to their full potential in their daily lives. In this sensitive time, we think that it is very important that the children are more exposed to nature as well as more people and that they have dreams for themselves.

In Hawaii, there is a beautiful ocean, a vast amount of nature, and people who hold the Aloha spirit. Hawaii is also a place where various cultures are mixed and coexist with one another. In such an environment, we hope that the children will be inspired and will become able to create new dreams. Ever since the first time, we have witnessed the children learn a lot through this program as well return home having grown as individuals.

From here on, we would like to continue this program for as long as possible, and in order to do so, everyone’s support is necessary no matter the shape or form. We humbly ask that you please send your support in sympathy with our intentions. Everyone’s helping hand will support the Japan and Hawaii of tomorrow.

NPO Hawaii Senior Life Enrichment Association
Ryozo Sakai

Japan Airlines
Honolulu Branch Manager
Teiji Murayama

First Hawaiian Bank
Shigeo Hone